Freeport For Aberdeen

Ross regularly made the case at the highest level of government that Aberdeen should be one of the 10 Freeports planned in the UK. Aberdeen has long been the engine room of the Scottish economy and our harbour is already a key driver of economic growth.

Connect Cove

Ross fought for better transport connectivity across Aberdeen South, seeking to see new train stations opened in the area.

Supporting the Oil and Gas Industry

After his election in 2017 Ross worked to deliver an oil and gas sector deal, so that the Government can work hand in glove with the industry to make the most of the industry’s potential, boosting our local economy.

Opposing a Second Referendum

Ross took a stand against the SNP and their desire for a second, divisive independence referendum. As a Scottish Conservative and Unionist Ross backs a strong and stable Union, without the threat of a divisive Scottish referendum.

Supporting Schools

Ross Thomson made supporting schools one of his top priorities from the moment he was elected. From Ross’ annual Christmas Card Competition for pupils in Aberdeen South to calling on the Scottish Government to increase teacher recruitment.

Loan Charge

Ross was vocal in his support of constituents, many of whom are oil and gas sector workers, caught up in an HMRC crackdown on tax avoidance for taking up schemes they were assured were above board.

Animal Welfare

Ban Electric Shock Collars

Ross took a Scottish Conservative campaign against “barbaric” electric shock dog collars to Westminster.

Fair Share for Aberdeen

Ross Thomson made getting a fair deal for Aberdeen his number one priority and focused on this since his election in June 2017.