Opposing a Second Referendum

Ross took a stand against the SNP and their desire for a second, divisive independence referendum. As a Scottish Conservative and Unionist Ross backs a strong and stable Union, without the threat of a divisive Scottish referendum.

The United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union but some would disrupt our attempts to get the best deal for Scotland and the United Kingdom with calls for a divisive referendum that the people of Scotland do not want. Ross has been very clear that now is not the time for another referendum on independence. In order for a referendum to be fair, legal and decisive, it cannot take place until the Brexit process has played out and it should not take place unless there is public consent for it to happen. This is a time to pull together, not apart.

Nicola Sturgeon’s drive to stage a second independence referendum before 2021 is absurd and divisive. The First Minister has confirmed that she will seek to hold a referendum re-run “later in the lifetime of this parliament”.

Ross said:

“I will stand firm against the SNP’s plans for another divisive independence referendum so that we can keep out Union intact against Nicola Sturgeon’s continuing efforts to break up the United Kingdom. As your Member of Parliament I will promote the value of the Union across Scotland and the rest of the UK."


Opinion - Northern Ireland Abortion and Same Sex Marriage

First and foremost, the restoration of devolved institutions in Northern Ireland over the coming weeks is of the utmost importance. I agree with my colleague, the Northern Ireland Secretary, that a deal is achievable, and we should all be working towards that goal.

Lord Duncan and Ross meet with Lloyd's

Really useful meeting with Lloyd’s Banking Group and Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Scotland Ian Duncan today to discuss the local economy, oil and gas and Brexit. ‬