Supporting the Oil and Gas Industry

After his election in 2017 Ross worked to deliver an oil and gas sector deal, so that the Government can work hand in glove with the industry to make the most of the industry’s potential, boosting our local economy.

Aberdeen has had a difficult few years with more than 100,000 jobs being lost as the oil price crash led to the worst downturn in the history of the North Sea. We are now emerging from that slump, and the 2018 report reflects an improving landscape. That positive news is testament to a concerted effort from the Conservative UK Government.

Ross said:

“After a lot of lobbying I was pleased to hear the Chancellor recommit this Government to the oil and gas sector in his Budget. The industry was looking for fiscal stability and the Chancellor provided it, despite pressure to hike taxes due to the higher oil price."

Ross campaigned to ensure that an oil and gas sector deal is delivered and there is currently a proposal on the table that is focused on supporting UK growth in transformational technology, underwater engineering and decommissioning. The view of industry is that this could galvanise the sector after what have undoubtedly been a tough few years.

Ross said:

“A sector deal could be a real game changer for the industry. I will continue to make the case for this deal to happen, and to make sure that this Government gets it right. The residents of Aberdeen South would expect nothing less.”


Opinion - Beer Duty

The brewing and pubs industries contribute over £1.7 billion to the Scottish economy and support the employment of 60,000 people. I also recognise the crucial role that pubs play in the social and economic life of our nation, as well as helping to promote responsible drinking.

Ross Urges Boris to Honour Loan Charge Promise

Allies of Boris Johnson are pressurising the UK prime minister to deliver on promises to suspend the loan charge, as key deadlines loom for tens of thousands facing the controversial tax.

Boris Visits Aberdeen

The former Mayor of London and former Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Boris Johnson MP visited Aberdeen.

Minister Claire Perry Visits Aberdeen

Claire Perry Minister of State for Energy & Clean Growth visited Aberdeen after chosing it as her first ministerial visit earlier this year. 

WATCH: Ross Backs Budget's Oil and Gas Tax Relief

The oil and gas industry, not just in Scotland but across the length and breadth of our United Kingdom, employs hundreds of thousands of people, providing skilled jobs and contributing not only to our economy but to our nation’s energy security.