Supporting Schools

Ross Thomson made supporting schools one of his top priorities from the moment he was elected. From Ross’ annual Christmas Card Competition for pupils in Aberdeen South to calling on the Scottish Government to increase teacher recruitment.

The SNP have cut the number of teachers and schools in North East. Teacher numbers have fallen by almost 500 since they came to power. From 2007 to 2017, the number of teachers in Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire, Angus and Moray combined has fallen by 447.

The pupil-teacher ratio in Aberdeen schools has hit the worst level since records began in 2003. We can't see the potential of another generation go unfulfilled.

Ross backed the Scottish Conservative’s plans for education, including a lifelong skills guarantee to give everyone the chance of a decent job, no matter your age.

However, to equip the next generation of children in Scotland, the school leaving age in Scotland should be scrapped and replaced with a new system which would see all children stay in education or training until they are 18.

It is also vital that pupils who do not choose to go to university are not marginalised or forgotten. Scotland needs a new system, which would be administered by local councils, to ensure that a vocational education was valued every bit as much as an academic one.

Ross met with the Secretary of State for International Development every year since being elected hand over wonderful drawings by Harlaw Academy pupils in support of the Send My Friend to School campaign‬ which calls on world leaders to prioritise education and make sure children across the world get the chance to go to a good school.


Opinion - Loot Boxes

Protecting children and vulnerable people from being harmed or exploited by gambling is a priority for myself and for the Government. The Gambling Commission as the regulator for gambling in Great Britain, has strong powers and can act where it needs to address emerging risks. 

Ross Visits Victoria Road School

Ross met with David Fryer of Torry Development Trust to see the damage caused by the fire at Victoria Road School.

Opinion - Education in Developing Countries

Investing in education is in all our interests, as education provides children with the best route out of poverty, giving them the power to improve their own lives and their country, and ultimately reduce developing countries' reliance on aid.

Ross Hits Out at SNP Over Immigration Powers

A different immigration system for Scotland would create an “unwanted barrier” for oil and gas firms that are competing globally for talent, a north-east MP has said following evidence given to a key Westminster committee.

Christmas Card Competition

Ross held a Christmas Card Competition for primary school children in Aberdeen South. Ross said, " I received lots of fantastic entries from local schools. Such a hard decision!"

Ross Meets with Home Secretary Over Sales of Blades

Welcoming the proposals, Mr Thomson, who represents the south of the city, said: “A parent should know if they send their child to school they are going to be safe when they are there.

“It’s really important the UK and Scottish governments work together on this.

Comment on Scottish Schools Vermin Crisis

Hundreds of thousands of pounds is spent each year dealing with vermin infestation across Scottish schools, research has revealed.

The analysis shows that between 2011-2016, more than £1.5million was spent controlling the likes of cockroaches, flies, rats and ants in schools.