My Responses to Topical Emails

During my time as an MP, I received a large number of identical emails which were often sent from campaign organisations.

I appreciate that these issues were of importance to constituents, but the volume of campaign emails that were being generated meant my responses to urgent casework enquiries were delayed. 

I therefore created a section of my website where I posted my responses to various subjects.

I endeavoured to update topics as soon as I had the chance to consult with Ministers and to conduct research into the concerns raised in these emails. 

You can see my responses to topical emails I received during my time as an MP here.



Opinion - Live Prizes

Having looked into this matter I understand that when the Animal Welfare Act (2006) was being considered, there was a proposal to ban giving away live animals as prizes.

Opinion- NHS Pension Tax

My colleagues at the Department of Health and Social Care recognise that the impact of pension tax can reduce the incentive for higher earners to continue scheme membership or increase their earnings by taking on additional work or responsibilities.

Opinion - Onshore Wind Energy

I am pleased that clean growth has been placed at the heart of the new Industrial Strategy which aims to cut emissions while keeping costs down for consumers, create high value jobs and to grow the economy.

Opinion- Eating Disorders

Early intervention is absolutely vital in the fight against eating disorders and everyone with an eating disorder must have access to timely treatment.

Opinion- Animal Welfare Post Brexit

I believe animals are sentient beings who can feel pain and suffering, and I would like to reassure you that strong action is being taken to reduce their risk of harm.

Opinion - Brady Amendment

In tonight's votes I backed the Brady Amendment and the House voted to support this amendment.

Opinion - Agroecology

I am pleased to be able to tell you that A UK Strategy for Agricultural Technologies was launched in 2013, designed to examine how the UK can meet the challenge of feeding a growing population without damaging the natural environment.


Opinion- Foreign Aid Spending

A number of newspaper articles have reported claims that misrepresent or inaccurately portray projects supported by the UK, or focus on projects that are no longer funded.

Opinion - Offensive Weapons Bill and .50 Calibre Rifles

It is important to ensure more work is done to break the deadly cycle of violence that devastates the lives of individuals, families and communities. I know the Government shares this position and is taking action to ensure the sale and possession of dangerous weapons is prevented.