Opinion - Free School Meals

Thanks to the changes the UK Government is introducing, around 50,000 more children are expected to benefit from a free school meal than under the old system.

We Must Outlaw Electric Shock Collars

The announcement from Defra secretary Michael Gove proposing government action to ban electric shock collars (ESCs) for cats and dogs is very welcome.

I hope that animal lovers will take the opportunity to engage in the upcoming consultation and make their feelings clear.

Opinion - Saudi Arabia/Yemen

I am reassured that the Government takes seriously its legal obligations as regards the licensing of arms for export to Saudi Arabia and elsewhere. The UK has one of the most rigorous licensing regimes in the world.

Opinion - Cost of Pharmecutical Drugs to the NHS

I fully appreciate your concerns and I would like to assure you that the Government is committed to paying a fair price for medicines used in the NHS. Where companies exploit the NHS by charging higher prices, this money cannot be spent elsewhere on patient care.

Opinion - Israel Apartheid Week

I would like to make it clear that I condemn all acts of antisemitism in the strongest possible terms. Any discrimination or hostility based on religion or race is deplorable and there is no place for it in our society.