APPG Loan Charge Survey

The All-Party Parliamentary Loan Charge Group is currently conducting an inquiry into the individuals impacted by the Loan Charge. More on this inquiry can be found here:

The APPG would like to invite contractors and others impacted by the Loan Charge to answer a survey. This will assist the Loan Charge Inquiry which we are currently conducting. The closing date for this survey is Wednesday 6th March 2019.

The survey investigates your personal circumstances and experiences involving the Loan Arrangements that HMRC have described as Disguised Remuneration and are impacted by the 2019 Loan Charge that falls due in April 2019.

The Loan Charge legislation spans 20 years and there are many questions the APPG review wishes to understand. In compiling these questions, the APPG have sought to anticipate a very diverse set of Loan Arrangements, but it is impossible that they will have anticipated all the possible circumstances that are impacted by the Loan Charge. You may find that some questions are not relevant to you. Please answer as best as you can. We estimate that the questionnaire will take between 10-20 minutes.

Take the survey here: