Brexit: I Will Not Support Theresa May's Deal

No self-respecting nation would accept the reported terms of Theresa May’s Brexit deal, writes Ross Thomson MP. I campaigned for a Leave vote in 2016 because I believe Britain can thrive outwith the EU.

We Cannot Accept an Irish Sea border

There is far more that brings Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England together than divides us.

The ties that bind go beyond nations to individuals. As citizens, we have built the UK together.

Our Union must be indivisible before, during and after Brexit

THERE IS MORE that brings together the nations of Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland than divides us. The ties that bind go beyond nations to individuals. As citizens, we have built the UK together. We have traded together.

Theresa May Needs to Go Back to Lancaster House

When the Chequers Plan communiqué winged its way to MPs and the media following a full day of debate at the Prime Minister’s country retreat, I was concerned at the lack of detail and what clearly looked to me like a number of areas where this much-heralded proposal would fall far short of the Pr

Shock Collar Campaign: Containment Fencing

I have genuinely been overwhelmed by the level of public support as well as the cross party support for my on going campaign in the House of Commons to ban the use, sale and distribution of electric shock dog collars.

Free enterprise, Liberty and Individualism

The Conservative Party is the most successful British political party. Our electoral record of success surpasses that of our political rivals. The Conservatives have been in office for the majority of the time that Britain has had a mass democracy.

Ross: A nuclear armed Iran is unacceptable

“The Iran deal made by the previous administration is one of the worst deals I have ever witnessed – and I’ve witnessed some beauties” – President Donald Trump, 5th April 2017.

Comment on Dugdale Suspending Labour Councillors

Ross Thomson and Grace O’Keeffe have called on their Labour counterparts Callum O’Dwyer (Aberdeen South) and Orr Vinegold (Aberdeen North) to either back the Scottish party leader or the city group leader Jenny Laing.


Comment on SNP's 'Cash for Votes'

Nicola Sturgeon is under increasing pressure to respond to revelations that the SNP appears to have ignored rules around government announcements during local and general election purdah periods.

Comment on Brexit Fishing Pledge

The Scottish Conservatives have today urged SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon and former First Minister Alex Salmond to sign up to a Brexit fishing pledge - or tell their MPs who have already done so to withdraw.