Ross Pledges to End Unsafe Pavement Parking

Ross spoke with the charity Guide Dogs at the Conservative Party conference about the challenges pavement parked cars create for blind and partially sighted people, who may have to risk their safety by walking into the road just to get by.

The Prime Minister Needs To Scrap Chequers

"The people voted overwhelmingly that we leave the European Union. So it was the will of parliament what we let the people decide and it was the will of the people that we leave the EU and we need to stick by that decision.

Ross Stands Up for Scots Leavers

Scotland’s one million Leave voters aren’t being given a voice by their representatives at Westminster, the Tory MP Ross Thomson has said as ahead of a possible Commons rebellion against Theresa May’s Brexit strategy.

Ross Calls for Pet Theft Law Change

Aberdeen South MP Ross Thomson has called for tougher punishments for thieves who steal and harm dogs.

The Conservative wants to toughen up existing legislation to make it a serious criminal offence that recognises the status and importance that pets have within families.