Opinion - Offensive Weapons Bill and .50 Calibre Rifles

It is important to ensure more work is done to break the deadly cycle of violence that devastates the lives of individuals, families and communities. I know the Government shares this position and is taking action to ensure the sale and possession of dangerous weapons is prevented.

Opinion - Diana Johnson's Ten Minute Rule Bill (Abortion)

Abortion is a highly sensitive issue, regardless of where your view lies and one where it is important that the matter is considered with due care and respect. Whatever the differing opinions on abortion are, this Bill did not respect the fundamental principles of devolution.

Opinion - Universal Credit

Universal Credit is a major reform that will transform the welfare state in Britain. At the heart of UC is a belief that work should always pay.

Opinion - Torture Survivors and Asylum

I commend the work of organisations that support survivors of torture, and I firmly believe that our asylum policy must provide effective protection to those who need it.

Opinion - Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary

The Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary campaign has my full support, and I am delighted to tell you that the UK is one of the leading proponents of establishing Marine Protected Areas in the East Antarctic and Weddell Sea.

Opinion - Civil Service Pay Guidance

I appreciate the hard work civil servants have undertaken in recent years to deliver more for less, which has made a significant contribution to consolidate Britain's finances.

Opinion - Alcohol Duties

As announced at the 2017 Autumn Budget, tax on beer, cider, wine and spirits have again been frozen.