Comment on Scottish Schools Vermin Crisis

Hundreds of thousands of pounds is spent each year dealing with vermin infestation across Scottish schools, research has revealed.

The analysis shows that between 2011-2016, more than £1.5million was spent controlling the likes of cockroaches, flies, rats and ants in schools.

Glasgow was shown to have paid out the most on pest control – spending £132,919 during 2012 alone – and £460,893 between 2011-2015.

The Scottish Conservatives have called for ministers to do more to ensure every child in Scotland can receive education without worrying about pest infestation.


Scottish Conservative schools spokesman Ross Thomson said:

“Given how much is spent each year, these statistics reveal a genuine problem with vermin in Scottish schools.

“Parents and teachers will quite rightly be disgusted at the thought of children being educated in unhygienic environments.

“It’s important for youngsters to be attending a school that is both clean and suitable if they are to reach their true potential during their time in education.”