Our Union must be indivisible before, during and after Brexit

THERE IS MORE that brings together the nations of Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland than divides us. The ties that bind go beyond nations to individuals. As citizens, we have built the UK together. We have traded together. We have fought together and we have built our lives together. 

Four years ago, I fought head, heart, body and soul to save our precious Union and helped to stop the SNP from breaking it apart. In the run up to the Scottish Independence referendum on September 18, 2014, we debated the arguments for two long years. From schools to church halls and from dinner tables to workplaces and pubs, the debate dominated all conversation. That discourse very much included membership of the European Union. 

In fact, the SNP acknowledged in its own white paper, its prospectus for independence, on p.210 that “if we remain part of the UK, a referendum on future British membership of the EU could see Scotland taken out of the EU against the wishes of the people of Scotland.” Therefore, as clearly stated within that white paper, the EU referendum was a UK-wide vote and there was an acknowledged risk that the UK may vote to leave.