Ross Backs Campaign for Working Class Values

Ross Thomson has thrown his weight behind a new political campaign aiming to win working class votes for the Tories.

The Aberdeen South MP said the the Blue Collar Conservatism campaign, launched at an event in Westminster by former Cabinet minister Esther McVey yesterday, was a vehicle to “reconnect with aspirational people”.

Ms McVey, who declared her ambition to replace Theresa May as prime minister earlier this month, said the group would give regular people a voice and refocus the debate on issues such as health, education, policing, transport and infrastructure.

Mr Thomson, who is one of 12 MPs heading the group, said: “I know from speaking with communities in Aberdeen South that people are tired of talk about Brexit and independence.

“They want MPs to talk about the things that matter most to them.

“One of those things is aspiration and what we will do to support them to achieve their goals, which for many is to look after their family, to enable the family to progress, whether that is their children choosing what school they want to go and study at, or which home they want to buy.”


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