Opinion - Trade Bill

The Trade Bill exists to preserve and ensure the continuity of the trade agreements we already have with other countries through our EU membership, so that we maintain those relationships, prevent disruption, and protect our access to global markets after Brexit.

Opinion - Heathrow Expansion

I fully support the UK Government’s decision to build a new runway at Heathrow. This expansion will deliver a boost of up to £74 billion to the economy, and ensure the UK maintains its position as a global leader in aviation.

Shock Collar Campaign: Containment Fencing

I have genuinely been overwhelmed by the level of public support as well as the cross party support for my on going campaign in the House of Commons to ban the use, sale and distribution of electric shock dog collars.

Ross Hails New Law Stopping Online Knife Sales to Children

Aberdeen South MP Ross Thomson said the Offensive Weapons Bill will help avert future tragedies like Cults teenager Bailey Gwynne in 2015.

The 16-year-old was stabbed with a knife bought on Amazon, which his teen killer had delivered to his home without his parents’ knowledge.

Opinion - CETA

I believe that CETA will be a great opportunity for the British economy, and therefore I fully support it, and look forward to it being replicated when we leave the European Union.