Theresa May Needs to Go Back to Lancaster House

When the Chequers Plan communiqué winged its way to MPs and the media following a full day of debate at the Prime Minister’s country retreat, I was concerned at the lack of detail and what clearly looked to me like a number of areas where this much-heralded proposal would fall far short of the Pr

Opinion - Civil Service Pay Guidance

I appreciate the hard work civil servants have undertaken in recent years to deliver more for less, which has made a significant contribution to consolidate Britain's finances.

Opinion - Alcohol Duties

As announced at the 2017 Autumn Budget, tax on beer, cider, wine and spirits have again been frozen.

Opinion - UN Treaty to prohibit Nuclear Weapons

The UK has not taken part in negotiation of this treaty, and does not intend to sign, ratify or become party to it. It will not be binding on the UK. The UK is committed to the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) as the cornerstone of the international nuclear non-proliferation regime.

Opinion - Support for Pubs

I recognise the crucial role that pubs play in the social and economic life of our nation, as well in helping to promote responsible drinking, which is why I am encouraged by the support which the Government has made available to pubs.

Opinion - Trade Bill Concerns

I absolutely understand the need for parliamentary scrutiny of trade agreements as we leave the European Union, which is why I welcome the Government's continued commitment to a transparent and inclusive trade policy.

Opinion - Migrant Workers & Right to Strike

Having looked into this issue, it is the case that a Tier 2 sponsor is required to report, to the Home Office, any migrant they sponsor who is absent from work for ten or more consecutive working days without permission.